Laundry service

Professional Laundry, Laundry – Binh Minh laundry under the Union Trade Union Company, is experienced unit in the field of laundry – ironing clothes for hotels, restaurants, Spa we have. , are trying to improve and improve the quality of customer service.


Our dedicated and professional staff, on-site laundry and laundry service, laundry and laundry are packed and packed according to the quality inspection procedures before delivery.

The use of specialized chemicals not only cleans quickly, but also protects the material from fading, giving customers peace of mind and satisfaction.


When you need urgent, we will do our best to wash and deliver as soon as possible for you!

Customers can order service by phone, email, fax or through the service page on the website

Our Laundry Services is committed to your product that will meet the following criteria: Clean-Fragrant.

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Contact (028) 38 398 264 – 0908 892 896 (Mr Anh)