Rental Car Services

Price List Rental Car Services 7-16 Seat Sitting Provinces

Introduction of cheap car rental service:


Labour union Tourism Joint Stock Company – specializes in providing long-term rental car rental services to companies, including self-drive car rental and car hire.

Car hire with short-term driver, 4 hours & 8 hours package. Renting of vehicles according to the schedule, Renting of automobiles for the hotels. Car rental with driver, free route …

In addition, we have contracted to supply vehicles for companies with irregular needs. Just sign the frame contract, put the car when there is a need. Please contact Huy Huy 0908.550.802 directly for more information.

Advantages when renting our car:

  • New car 2016-2017 clean, quiet, air-cool, no smell like taxi or car service professional.
  • Family car, absolutely no taxi logo or any image that shows you rented car. It is convenient and prestigious when you go to meet business partners, visit the family or go for other purposes.
  • The driver is the driver of the car directly to serve you, is the family car so they always keep good car, running calm, less car sick, not racing swimming, wins folded, eat speak polite, courteous.
  • You can rest assured about the safety of yourself, the attitude of the driver … Our company recruits the older drivers, more experienced driving. The driver is clear, drive safely car. The driver’s personal information is clearly transparent.