Steampot – A new culinary trend has appeared in Saigon

With the Steampot model, instead of you dip into hot pot dishes like the regular hot pot, the ingredients will be cooked by modern boilers with Japanese technology. With this new technology, after just 3-5 minutes, you have the right to ripen, soft, delicious, color and keep the taste is very attractive.


Especially the ingredients used in steamed fish are not marinated, adding spicy pickles but when cooked is still juicy, cool and overwhelmed with pure taste of food. The ingredients of the steamer have hundreds of types: seafood, poultry, beef / pork, green vegetables, fresh mushrooms …. All are fresh, imported directly and consumed throughout the day to bring to the customers delicious meals, most nutritious.


Which after the ripe also soft, also fragrant, extremely attractive. Strangely, the color of raw materials after cooking is not faded but the more glossy, freshly. The charm of the food seems to have power, so customers tried a piece and then always hand pick up the second, third … until the empty table on stop.

Thanks to the steam-cooked process, the nutrients in the food are secreted down the bottom to ripen the porridge on the second floor for you to have a delicious and nutritious side dish. That is why this movement is favored by women. Eat hot pot is just delicious, it is good for health, beautiful skin, keep the shape.


We would like to invite you to Rang Dong Restaurant to enjoy the new hotpot and feel the satisfaction on the expectation.